Meredith Chats with Poet Richard Jones about His New Book, Stranger on Earth


The poet is the gatekeeper who determines that all is a blessing, the good and the bad. So I say in unison with my daughter, include it all in the poetry—sorrow, tears, broken hearts, as well as the delicious madeleines and the glass of cold milk. Every morning, we open our eyes. There should be anticipation and gratitude for the gifts that will be delivered that day.” – Richard Jones

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Review of Chris White’s “The Life List of Adrian Mandrick”


“Birding alone makes sense to Adrian. As a child he felt that ‘birds lifted everything up,’ but that ‘inside the town with its concrete and its buildings, inside the houses with their rooms taped together like boxes, things were spilling, falling, gathering speed on their way to the ground.’ These lilting inner flourishes are when White really shines.”

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Minimal Space and More Precise Details

“Once you start writing poetry, it starts to influence everything; thoughts, emails, texts, so of course the rest of my prose is affected. Each word, each blank space, each punctuation mark must represent something in a poem, and now I’m able to use that mentality when approaching prose. Hopefully that can only make my writing better and more interesting.”