Alum Profile, DePaul University

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“Since graduating from DePaul’s MAWP program in 2013, Meredith Boe has settled into a groove she can be proud of. She has a satisfying job, she’s published several poems, essays, and short stories in various journals, and a few months ago she won Paper Nautilus’s 2018 Debut Series Chapbook Contest with What City, a collection of essays and fiction.”

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Voyage Chicago


Voyage Chicago interviewed Meredith about life as a freelance writer. Check it out here.

“I think playing with words and sentence structures helps me deliver more engaging, spicy prose for clients. Even if I’m writing about tax law or retirement savings, I still use the knowledge I have from creative writing classes. Audiences like a good story and they like a well-written article that incorporates interesting structural devices.


Mud Season Review

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“Once you start writing poetry, it starts to influence everything; thoughts, emails, texts, so of course the rest of my prose is affected. Each word, each blank space, each punctuation mark must represent something in a poem, and now I’m able to use that mentality when approaching prose. Hopefully that can only make my writing better and more interesting.”

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Midwestern Gothic


Read Midwestern Gothic’s contributor spotlight with Meredith on her piece “Generation Gap,” featured in Issue 18

“We give meaning to places and experiences in our lives that create a story we like to think is our past, even though so many things are inadvertently left out. I really try to remember those things I automatically want to omit from memory, and dig at why they aren’t the first thing I like to think of.  As writers, we want to document these things more than most people. If we go a step further and document why we document certain things, why we give certain things meaning over others—that’s what I’m interested in.”

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