Pushcart Nomination for Review of “Madder: A Memoir in Weeds”

“Madder: A Memoir In Weeds” by Marco Wilkinson
Reviewed by Meredith Boe
Another Chicago Magazine
February 3, 2022

“The persistence of weeds makes them like facts, particularly the more challenging truths we bury deep and hope to never dig up. Weeds emerge nonetheless, seemingly at their own will. Horticulturist, writer, and editor Marco Wilkinson’s first book, Madder: A Memoir in Weeds, is a coming to terms with these weeds, the secrets mothers keep from their children and that families avoid discussing at all costs. Wilkinson writes the uncertainty of selfhood and lineage with a confidence that comes only with aged meditation—he mixes dream with reality, and bends time, space, and memory. Madder is a set of experimental essays that often read as poetry, demonstrating his fragmented upbringing with themes and language that wind, roots finding their way through sediment.”

Read the full review here.

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