A Very Chicago December

Fruit Bat Press has published A Very Chicago December, a chapbook of collected works by 34 Chicago-affiliated artists, photographers, poets, and prose-writers. This was a homemade, limited-edition chapbook, featuring works by:

Howard Axelrod | Lucas Baisch | Trevor Bates | Logan Berry | Meredith Boe
Steph Bong | J. Nicole Brooks | Stuart Dybek | Catherine Eves | Dylan Fahoome
Julia Fine | Andy Fleischer | Rebecca Johns | Osiris Khepera | Megan Kirby
Robert Loerzel | Taylor Mansheim | Juan Martinez | Timothy Moore
Whet Moser | Marjorie Muller | Daniela Olszewska | Gina O’Neill | Kailah Peters
Eric Plattner | Sully Ratke | Rachel Robbins | Beth Rooney | Kathleen Rooney
Jewells Santos | Martin Seay | Sage Skaar | Kirk Vaclavik | Noah Whittiker

Book Made By:

Caroline Macon Fleischer – Creative Director
Vada Briceño – Book Designer

Find out more about Fruit Bat Press here.

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